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2012 Submissions

Will you sign my forehead House Song
The go in song Dance Song
moaning Miscellaneous Song
Moonblind House Song
Wibbly Wobbly House Song
You set me up! House Song
Deprive me House Song
ShitQuest Dubstep Song
Ragequit (Demo) House Song
Guardian of Grey Drum N Bass Song
Lighter Trance Song
Plagueeeee Dubstep Song
More Sydney shut the fuck up House Song
Shaco's Theme - Miscellaneous Song
Blink and you're dead Dubstep Song
Dirty Dubstep Demo (zlarke) Dubstep Song
Dubstep demo (zlarke) Dubstep Song
Brutal Metal Riffs Heavy Metal Song
D.N.F.B Drum N Bass Song
BennyBenassi-Satisfaction (zk) Dance Song
Flux.. Dance Song
Thunderclap of Catastrophe Heavy Metal Song
.Bitchin' Dance Song
Magical Maniac Miscellaneous Song
Rebel Clock Miscellaneous Loop
They come here to die House Song
Lolocaust Drum N Bass Song
Metal Jam! Heavy Metal Song
Cars! Hip Hop - Modern Song
Vivid.. Trance Song
Mortal Kombat!! Trance Song
No= WALRUS Drum N Bass Song
Pistol Magic Trance Song
Dr Zlarke Miscellaneous Song
Unintentional Ressurection Heavy Metal Song

2009 Submissions

Pulsars Drum N Bass Song
Brootal Techno Song
PronTrance Trance Song
How Rude! Miscellaneous Song
Hard to Sing Techno Song
AwesomeTown! Video Game Song
Grape and Pillage Drum N Bass Song
What the Hell is this?? Drum N Bass Song
What The Hell Is This? Drum N Bass Loop
DnB Robots Drum N Bass Song
Blood Spatter! Drum N Bass Song
Starless Invasion Miscellaneous Song
Purple Candyland! Dance Song
Giant Clouds of Awesome! Dance Song
D! and B! LOOP Drum N Bass Loop
Killer Snowflakes Techno Song
Generated Metal Heavy Metal Song
Book 1: Page 69 Miscellaneous Loop
Hardstyle DnB! Techno Song
CUPCAKES! Trance Song
Liquid Neon Dance Song
Varmslandvisan cover Miscellaneous Song
Beyond the Gate. Trance Song
LOL melody (SICK) Heavy Metal Song
I am diablo fear me Miscellaneous Loop
Electric Holocaust Techno Song
Summer Rave! Techno Song
Organ Reaper Returns Miscellaneous Song
Thunderous Silence Grunge Song
Terrorist Explosion Drum N Bass Song
Projekt 1 Dance Loop
Jellow Glow Dance Song
Firefliez Techno Song
AwesomeTetrisPlz! Video Game Song
Isiga Sl├Ątten Trance Song
Arteria Miscellaneous Song
Vatten Stad Trance Song
Shroomline Techno Song
Another Day.. Heavy Metal Song
KANE chillout version Miscellaneous Loop
CARS!!!!!!!!!!11111111111 Hip Hop - Modern Song
Crazy Train remix!! [zlarke] Trance Song
Tsunami Bass Trance Song
Solar Eruption Trance Song